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Books on Activism

Conversations about activism fuel young minds to find out how they can get involved. These conversations empower children to think of others, problem solve and to know they can make a difference.

Agents of Change by Lauren K Carlson

Agents of Change highlights real-life stories of people who found their own way to fight injustice and inspire peace. Each of us can make a difference whether we are young or old, Black or white, we must use our talents to be the change we want to see in the world.

Agents of Change

Everyday Heroine by Lauren K Carlson

Everyday Heroine is a collection of 50 real life stories of young girls who are changing the world. These amazing young women had an idea and refused to be fooled into thinking they were too young to make a difference. Read along as your child explores different areas of activism, followed up with thought-provoking questions to inspire young minds to discover their passions. 

Everyday Heroine

50 Real Stories of Young Girls Changing the World

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